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Help for destroyed house by fire

House was destroyed by fire in Izmir and we try to help them for repair and fix the house. So we need extra money for repair equipments and paints equipments and some furnitures for family. You can see news about this fire on Homepage URL link under the pictures. They are really poor and they lose their grandmother in fire so they really need help =( Thank you for helping and pray with this family. You can see other pictures of house on funding page
Please share with your friends. is funding page
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me an my dad had no insurance we lost everything the fire dept didn't even try put out

me an my dad had no insurance we lost everything the fire dept didn't even try put out everything we ever had burnt it all ass we both take care my grandparents neither have income any donation would be greatly appericate can be mailed to wendy robinson 200 a c robinson ln Dayton,TN 37321 thank you an god bless all this the worst night mare
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remodeling, fire: Idk what to do...We had a house fire and I have the materials to fix my house (almost all

Idk what to do...We had a house fire and I have the materials to fix my house (almost all of them). I have been trying to do it all by myself. I am down in the bed more than I am up. My youngest children are 11 and 12 so having them in my home during remodeling has not been too much of a problem. My kitchen and dining room were completely destroyed. The rest of my home was smoke-damaged mainly. We also have some electrical and plumbing problems that I just can not figure out. I almost have our living room done (it has taken me two years). Also a tree hit the corner of our roof and we have some shingles that have come off in various areas. I have a ladder and the fascia/fascia board and shingles, but I can not get on the ladder. Also, the air conditioning is not working and I have COPD and can not breathe. I now have an almost 2-month grandson that lives with us. He is going to be crawling soon. It is not safe for him here and they have nowhere else to go. I need help but I am not sure what to do. My medical issues are keeping me from taking care of my family and I can not stand it! We live in a small community and the help available is very limited here. I have contacted everyone I can think of in the area and their is nothing anyone can do. Any ideas plz? I am on disability and this house is paid for. We can not afford to move anywhere else. There are a total of 8 people here and my oldest son just started working. My oldest daughter is looking but can not find anything locally.
What is the purpose of this site? No one seems to b getting any help with anything. The only ppl I c posting r the ones that need help. I hope this is not just a ploy to get ppl's email info/personal info so they can put us all on some sort of list :s Has anyone out their actually ever received any help besides return prayers?
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Worried In Texas  

About Worried In Texas

I am terribly worried about my family!  They recently had a fire, which destroyed a large portion of their home's interior.  Many belongings were ruined.  The home is livable, but they are in need of basic living amenities, such as food, help with medicine, and other assistance until their home owner's insurance can help out.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Everything in the home has been damaged or destroyed by either the fire or the smoke.  Please help if you can.

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Life is too short

Yesterday my best friends family home burnt down.. it is a total loss, they lost everything..... but it gets worse.. they even lost a brother and a son...her 18 y/o brother died in the fire. I have been friends with her for years and want to help.. im thinking of a benifit... anyone have any ideas on where or how to stare??
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Marine Trying to become a Fire Fighter

I am an OIF Veteran, I recently got accepted into Firefighter I academy but my work told me they would have to let me go if i decide to attend. I have wanted to be a firefighter for as long as i can remember but in order to pay my mortgage and keep my family fed, I need to hold down a full time job. I need an employer that would be willing to work with with me on the hours. if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thank you!
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Desperate Father of 4  

Just an update


Just an update. Nothing here has really changed.. Still in the same boat, but now I have more people in my circle of friends which is great.. Nice to know I am not walking in the dark alone.. Thanks guys.. David

Here is a link to the fire we had.. newspaper article.. We made the front page.. I dont know if you can see the front page piece.  youl have to look around there but you can see a picture of our house still burning at 730 AM.  The fire started at 3 AM.. Ended up burning to the ground.. Nothing left but tin from the roof and ash on the ground...."Kessler""Kessler" 

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About FireVictimsNeedOurHelp


RIP-We love & Miss You Jayme Lowenberg and Michelle Gonzalez!

  A good person and friend of mine was taken from us in a tragic fire early Sat. morning (July 3,2010). Her sister Michelle Gonzalez was in critical condition since Saturday and passed away this morning (July 7). Michelle's 2 children (Alyssa -2 yrs & Adam -11 months) are in St. Barnabas being treated, along with Derrick Lowenberg (10 months).

 The Lowenberg's house located on Gatzmer Ave. in Jamesburg, NJ and all their belongings are destroyed. George and Derrick are left with virtually nothing and we really need to help. Tell Your friends or whoever... The family could really use our support. 

  A relief fund for Jayme's husband, George and son, Derrick called "Friends of George Lowenberg" is established at TD Bank.

Any monetary donations of ALL sizes to help the Lowenberg family re-build their lives and help with incurring expenses can be brought directly to TD Bank or electronically deposited using Routing #:031201360  and Account #: 4248532700


A fund has been set up in the children's name at USAA Bank. Checks should be made payable to: "The Gonzalez and Lowenberg Children Fund"  Checks should be mailed to: c/o Rosie Rose 17861 Meadow Drive. Bridgeville, DE 19933.

      Thank You so Much to All of you who are standing up and helping to make things a little bit easier for George & Derrick Lowenberg and Will & Alyssa & Adam Gonzalez and their families. Your love and support is greatly appreciated!



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About lisalubayou

I am sooo sad.  I was in jail on a bogus charge.  Since my release have not been able to find work.  My belongings were burned in a fire.  Please Help Me.  I am feeling desperate. NEED HELP ASAP.  Might try school, or church.  Might be better off going back to jail.  This is tooo hard to handle.  I can not eeeven typppe my eyes are wateryyy.  arggggg

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My aunts house burned down, she has two children with no toys or clothing.

my aunts house burned to the ground, she lost everything she had worked so hard for and has children 4 and 6.

please help her by making a donation, every bit helps.

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TAMPA, FL 33610



About countryhoney

i need help to buy christmas gifts for my kids.  I have a 9year old son and a 10 month old daughter.  I have been looking for a job for months and can't find anything.  My husband isn't working right now.  we owned a big truck and it burned and the insurance isn't going to pay it off. 

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About destiny8

My name is Tereisa Brown, I am a single mother reciently devoirced. I used to be on drugs(weed smoker).My life had been spiriling down when my husband left me. I turned to a life of partying and leaving my children with my mother while I tried to find love in the arms of many different men.Never finding happiness and always praying to God for a way out.I always wondered if God heard a sinners prayer.One day God allowed something to happen to me.A wake up call! I got up and went to work one morning and left my three year old son, my three year old niece, and my eighteen year old cousin who was my baby sitter at home. Not knowing what was about to happen. After being at work for about thirthy minits, I got a call saying that my house was on fire! I rushed home praying and hopeing that they got out in time. When I made it there only the room where they were was already burned out.It was only me and one fireman, and a neighbor that were there.It changed my life completely. God now has my attention.My eyes are wide open.My needs are rent and a car so I can keep a job I know God is my provider and sometimes he leads you in a dirrection to get help! Based on a true story!

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About TheMillerTwo

We are a young married couple that is having a rather tough time staying afloat financially. We've both had our share of hardships before and during our relationships. Both were required to assume the parenting role with younger siblings as teenagers. A job that has carried over into adulthood. We've both had to drop our college pursuits for the moment due to this. Through all of this and many more trials and tribulations, we've never given up. Around the first of March of 2009, we moved in with my grandmother to save money and assist her also. On March 8th, we were awoken by my aunt beating on the door telling us the house was on fire. The fire was started by my uncle out of pure evilness. We were under the impression that my five year old cousin had gone to church with my grandmother. As soon as we were able to get out, we heard her calling for help. My wife was burned as she darted back to the second floor to attempt to save her. We were both out of work for a while and I still am. We are falling further and further behind on bills and would greatly appreciate any assistance anyone could offer. The story made the news on every station in Houston and the paper if there are any doubters. You can google a combination of my name, Anthony Miller, my cousins, Brastaya Peace-Davis, and my former uncles, Tracy Bush to see the story. Please help us before we're homeless. My email address is Thank you great nation.

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About Shelton

 Hi my name is Beverly, within the past two years I have been in a fire and lost everything, my granddaughter lost her legs to a bacteria infection. We had to stay at the hospital for two months, about three months after we came home we had the fire. I have three children of my own, ages 13, 15, and 17, I finally got me an apartment but, I don't have any furniture. I can efford to pay my rent but I have a hard time paying my bills. Thank you for any support you can give right now. If it is just someone to talk to I would be very thankful,

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About sarahD

help peggymoy and family they lost there home just 4days before christmas up till now there has been no help you can read there story on please if you are able to help please do so asap.

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About greatabyss

Our home burned up two weeks ago and we are having to start over. We left with only the clothes on our backs. We had no renters insurance. Since the fire, we have rented another house. We have received clothes donations for most of our children, a few monetary donations, and a couple of beds. We still need so many things. There are  7 of us in my family; myself, my husband, 4 sons ages 1.5, 4, 9, and 12, and a daughter age 6. Our immediate needs would be for kitchen items, towels, dressers, furniture and if possible a television or some toys for the kids. They don't have anything left. We could greatly benefit from paypal donations, walmart, payless,  or target gift cards, or HEB grocery gift cards. I do not have a bank account to accept checks, but my mother in law can cash any donations for us if they are made out to her. It is hard to give a thorough list when we need so much.On top of our losing everything , we have two of our sons having birthdays within the next few weeks. My husband'sjob gave notice he would have to take a $3.00 an hour paycut or be layed off; just 4 days after the fire. Then they decided to let him go after missing 6 days because of being homeless. It has been a rough two weeks. We really could use all the help we can get right now. There are several stores here in Waco Texas where we could use gift cards at. If anyone can help in any way please email me at Material items do not need to be new, used works just as well. Thank-you for reading and for any help you may be able to give in our time of need.

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About sikomom65

I am looking for assistance witht christmas this year. I am a single mother who has faught hard for years to support my family alone. Well the last year and a half has been hard on us. Started June 19th 2007. We had major fire in my apartment leaving me and my youngest homeless for months. Well exactly 2 weeks to the day that I had my fire my exhusband (the father of my children) died. Well lots of hard work some times I would work 16 olus hours a day 8 on job rest on apartment so we could get back in. I know my own fault for no insurance. But when sole provider on limited income you can only spend what you have. Well in September 16th 2008 my 17 year old daughters friend had a major fire 3 of her 8 children  in the family parished in the fire and they lost everything. My daughter and I went on mission to help family. I ended up injuring myself this summer I tore a claf muscle so have not been able to work when I got back to work rehurt it and now workmans comp doesn't want to pay. Well the final blow and the one I can't get passed is my only son was Hit and killed by a car while directing trafic on an army base. Hence I went further into dept by buying frequent flyer miles from brother hoping to see my son alive. He died right before I got on plane.
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About preyforme

Hi. My name is anthony wilson. On october 2nd 2006 my family was involved in a horrable house explotion in Michigan due to a busted natural gas line in the basement. We were all rushed to the hospital suffering horrable burns. I myself was in critical condition suffering burns on my hands, abdomen, feet, and thighs, resulting in skin graphs. I spent 19 days in the burn ward. My sister Erika and her 11 month old son only suffered from smoke inhelation (thank the lord). And my mother Stephanie suffered from major burns, 72% of her body was at least 2nd degree. My mother being a smoker had both her lungs colapse and had to be put into a medical enduced acoma in fear that she was taking a turn for the worse. On thanksgiving day of 2006 she woke up from her acoma and we all got to go to the hospital and have thanksgiving as a family. We are doing a Whole lot better now. I have full function of all my fingers, my mom is finilly off medication and can do everything she used to be able to do, and we are all a whole lot closer as a family. We got a new 2 bedroom appartment downtown The only problem we are running into is that we only have one sorce of income and that is my part time job. I make enough to pay the bills but thats about it. We get food stamps so we have money to eat. The problem is the holidays. I am trying to collect donations so I can give my family the Christmas they disurve. And we dont need much, just something to give my family so i can see them smile (something that dosent happen much anymore). Anything at all will help.

you can send donations to

Thank you and god bless.

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in need please help  

About in need please help

I am asking if there is anyone with some spare change they can donate to me i would be gratefull. Anything will help. I am 20 i live in michigan and i am disabled. I have a man i have been with for 7 years now and we have a wonderfull son together he is 17 months and a daughter due in december 2008. I am disabled and he is unable to work taking care of me and our son. At the beging of this month our house burnt down and we lost everything and i mean everything. Our two dogs and all of our sons clouths and baby pics and birth certificite. Our clouths everything. I am asking iv there is anyone the can realate to my story please help i hate asking people for money but we cant buy food or diapers and my son deserves better that what i can do for him right now we are living off my ssi and that is only 441 a month. So please i am hoping some one can help me like i said spare change please anything would help us.
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